News & Views from the CEO’s Desk – December 2018 – Volume 1

News & Views from the CEO’s Desk – December 2018 – Volume 1

December 10, 2018

By Doug Friesen, CEO – Sany America


Hello to everyone. It has been a long time coming but we have finally reached the point where we can start communicating on an ongoing basis to our entire Dealer network. Michael Vazquez at Meco Miami, and President of the SANY Dealer Council has been pushing hard to get this in place. Thanks, Michael for not giving up!

We intend to start putting this communication out on a regular basis. We are initiating change at a fairly rapid pace, and we want to ensure our Dealer network is well aware of our direction and the changes we are making to help grow your Dealerships. Each of the VPs will write a small section to share the important developments within their groups of Sales, Customer Solutions, Sany Capital, Dealer Development and Marketing.

Topics of Interest

From time to time there will be an occasion to talk about or to help clarify a certain topic of interest that has relevance to the entire Dealer network. I will try to address those topics in this section.

One of the topics we hear a lot about now is the recent conversation on Tariffs. There was speculation in regards to the additional tariffs the Trump administration wanted to impose upon China. He spoke about raising tariffs again. This does not affect us at all. Our equipment was addressed under the 301 tariff amendment early on in July 2018. At that time our equipment was addressed in full and we have not seen any changes to the original tariff nor do we expect to. The tariffs you are hearing about now are tariffs on a set of goods that were in some cases tariffed initially at 10% and are now being threatened to be tariffed at a higher level, and some new products that are being identified for tariff consideration. None of this recent discussion affects our products.

SANY has spent about $150K in lobbying efforts so far meeting with Senators and the United States Trade Representatives doing our very best to reverse the Tariffs on SANY. We are hoping the recent developments between President Trump and President Xi will go well and soon this will be put behind us. We will keep you updated if developments change.

As a part of this development, SANY is escalating the speed in which we are bringing on manufacturing capabilities. For the last 3 months we have been organizing, preparing and actually building SKD for our most popular SY215 model. We have begun the hiring process and have a team on site learning and building now. Our hope as we gain experience is to expand our build capacity beyond the SY215 model.

Upcoming Events

SANY is on the move and we have had a very good year in 2018. All of the structural improvements we spoke about in last year’s Dealer meeting have been put in place and our SANY sales are growing at a record pace. We are looking forward to share with you all of the details and plans for 2019.

The week of January 28th, 2019 we are planning a Dealer Meeting in Peachtree City Georgia. Matt will give you more details as the date approaches.

2018 was a year for SANY to set the foundations in place to create an environment for aggressive growth. 2019 will be a year of major promotion of the SANY brand and products. I encourage you to read over the marketing section and review the progress Steve Smith is making on the promotion and marketing front. Steve is new to our organization and making a big impact. More details to come at our Dealer meeting.

Closing Comments

I am excited about the opportunity to keep everyone in the loop about our direction and what we are up to, with this new monthly communication newsletter. We are poised for growth, and we are positioning ourselves to become better partners with you to help you grow your SANY business as well. Feel free to share your thoughts ideas and comments as they mean a lot to us. You can reach me at .

If I do not hear from you before Christmas I would like to wish each of you and your families a great Christmas and happy New Year, and look forward to seeing you again in January.

Doug Friesen
CEO – Sany America

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