Marketing Activities - December 2018

Marketing Activities - December 2018

December 5, 2018

By Steve Smith, Director of Marketing – Sany America

Background, Goals & Objectives

In May of 2018, I came to SANY to perform an assessment of what it would take to create awareness of the SANY brand, improve their online and offline presence and build a plan that would significantly improve the way in which SANY markets their products and services.

I am excited to say we’ve been busy working on many things to provide you material and an approach that is consistent, professional and gives you confidence in the direction we are going.

Before starting anything, I presented a formal budget on key areas to grow our business including building a new website, SEO strategy to make the SANY website found and generate leads for our dealers, and develop new collateral to create a great first impression with our customers. Once approved, I moved into a “partner” selection process of exceptional vendor companies to help accomplish the tasks and successfully build a plan we can be proud of.

We have selected Object 9 as our agency of record to help build our brand, website and improve how we create a great first impression for all that come into contact with the SANY brand for years to come.

You can find more information on Object 9 here:

Strategic Overview

To remake a brand requires a vision, execution and the building of a foundation that all activities stem from. Some of the first steps we took were to survey the competition (online & offline), review competitive value propositions and strategy, talk to dealers and think to ourselves “how can we be different and better” to gain a few initial seconds of a customer or prospects attention.

One of the first steps was to trademark Tough Equipment for Tough Applications ™ and Industry’s Strongest Warranty ™ for use in our promotional activities. This helps to set the foundation and direction of the projects and deliverables going forward.

We’ve completed our SEO audit of the competitive landscape and for the next 90 days, in a run-up to the launch of the new website, we will be targeting our industry with a range of test ads to gauge customer responses to our initial promotional activities. More detail on this will follow in the next issue and dealer meetings.

Once we have the data to support continued investment that drives awareness and leads back to our SANY dealers, we will accelerate our efforts to make sure the SANY brand is known, wanted, and leads to new customers for years to come.

Completed Projects

We’ve recently completed two “anchor” documents for use by our regional sales managers, including:

  • SANY Corporate Sales Presentation for customer presentations and introduction to the SANY brand.
  • Dealer Recruiting Presentation for dealer presentation and introduction to the SANY brand, value proposition, and dealer program details.

Upcoming Work

There are many projects, but in the order of priority and delivery dates, here is a short summary:

  • Website: Project is launched, completion date April 2019
  • SEO: Project is launched, test campaign to start January 2019
  • Sales Collateral: Initial design completed, rolling production to start December 2018
  • National Publications: Publications selected and approved, start January 2019
  • Trade Shows: Trade Shows selected, starting with ARA show in February 2019

There will be detail to the above in the coming months, but suffice it to say, SANY is on the move and we’re excited to share progress and examples of our work along the way.

Ideas & Feedback

We love new ideas! If you have any best practice examples from the competition or new ideas, please send them my way at

We can’t say yes to everything, but if it’s a good idea and we agree as a group there is a benefit, we promise to consider it and make a quick decision.

Thanks for your time and have a great holiday season! We’re looking forward to a strong 2019!

Steve Smith
Director of Marketing – Sany America

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