Customer Solutions - December 2018

Customer Solutions - December 2018

December 8, 2018

By Christopher Saucedo, Vice President Customer Solutions – Sany America

A significant amount of transformation has occurred within SANY since our regional dealer meetings this summer, including the addition of a new manufacturing team within the Customer Solution Group. Noted below are the highlights of the Customer Solutions Group by team.


The first of nine new operator’s manuals for SANY America products are complete and authorized for distribution. All nine manuals are scheduled for release in early 2019. SANY will be forwarding copies of these new manuals to dealers for distribution to customers who have purchased Tier 4 final machines in 2018. Additionally, two service manuals, completed “from the iron” are also nearing completion. Validation and verification of these manuals is planned for the first quarter of 2019.


The parts operation team has cleansed and reconfigured the parts warehouse. The team also added over 2,100 new line items valued at over $2.4M. Off-the-shelf availability for hydraulic excavator parts has increased from 66.3% in January to 86.3% in October against a target of 96%. The parts support team has completed development of a reorder point system and is conducting testing and baseline data collection on the new phone system and Salesforce CRM system.


Working closely with Service and Marketing, Engineering has been heavily engaged in progressing machines through the new product launch and product improvement processes. Engineering has also been working on expanding the SANY attachment offering. Over the last 90 days, the Engineering team has been providing direct support to the start of excavator manufacturing in Peachtree City.


SANY America has established the nucleus of a Manufacturing team in Peachtree City. This team is in the process of reconfiguring the Peachtree City manufacturing space to begin building SY215 excavators. Three machines have already been produced from simplified knock down kits (SKD). Materials have been ordered for 65 additional machines which will be produced over the next couple of months. The team is excited to showcase their work during the Dealer meeting in January 2019.

Business Processes & Information Technology

By far and away the most significant changes in the Customer Solutions Group have come from the Business Processes and Information Technology Group. In June, this team successfully installed an SAP ERP server in Peachtree City. Over the course of 48 hours, without interruption to business operations, the BP/IT team successfully migrated the SANY SAP instance from servers in Europe to Peachtree City.

This migration allows SANY to build data integrations and provide information to our dealers and customers which previously was not technically possible. The development of the first phase of SANY ’s Salesforce CRM is complete and select elements have already been moved from test to production. A new telephone system has been installed in Peachtree City and baseline metrics are being collected.

Finally, the development of the SANY Dealer Portal is complete including features that allow access from smart devices. Portal training has already commenced within SANY and will be provided to all dealers in January 2019. The portal will be formally launched at the dealer meeting in January 2019. The system will go live in the field February 4, 2019.

Christopher Saucedo
Vice President Customer Solutions – Sany America

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